The use  and production of videos are becoming more and more common in our school, both by teachers and students. Here are just a few examples of how video production is integrated in everyday teaching and learning practice:

1. Videos produced by students 

1.1 For Maths:

1.1.1 Trigonometry

1.2 For Foreign Languages (English)

1.1 TV News Programme
1.2 Arabian History
1.3 A day in the Wild West

1.3 For Contests 

1.3.1: Superación (Concurso ONCE)

1.4 For Other European Projects

 1.4.1 European Literature: A Mirror of European Identity? Famous Spanish Writers Dickens (The Little Dorrit) Dickens (The Signal Man) Dickens (The Prisoner's Van)

2. Videos produced by teachers

2.1 Photo Workshop

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